Calvery's Creations

Specializing in custom hole openers, Pipe Pullers & HDD downhole tooling.
We proudly offer Railhead Underground Products & Atlas Copco drilling supplies

We are a Proud Provider of Railhead and Atlas Copco Products!

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Steel Fabrications
1640 Old Hwy 40 Bypass
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We are now a proud provider of Infinity Bits

contact us for a complete package brochure of Backreamers, swivels, sonde housings and other down hole tooling

Catch the Eye of your customers with your company name and colors painted on a bit.  These are made from rerun bits usually from 4 7/8 up to 5 1/2.  Call today for options.  New bits are in stock and ready for painting as well.  Have your logo and colors read

Hole Openers!


We are offer hole openers custom built to fit your needs!  We are proud of the construction and the materials used in the assembly of our hole openers.  Contact us for the design and price that will make your bore run smooth.  You won't be disappointed!

Don't see the size you need in our store?  Give us a call for other size options and prices!

Quality Pipe Pullers

Our pipe pullers are made from durable materials, they can be used more than once, and they are affordable and available. 


How They Work

Our pipe pullers are unique.  Once they are installed into the pipe collar, they will not leak drilling mud into the pipe.  The puller can also be used more than once.  Just insert the puller into the collar, slide in the factory strap (comes with the pipe), and pull your bore pipe.  Once the bore is complete, remove the collar strap to free the pull head and you are ready for your next bore. 

Give us a call today to find out how you can pull your pipe mud free!!!

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Patent pending on Calvery's Creations pipe pullers.

Look at the inside of our bits!

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