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Pipe Rollers Now Available!

We are now offering our pipe rollers to rent or buy.  Please contact us for details!

Medium roller description

Adjustable pipe rollers designed to carry pipe from 3 to 16. Manufactured with heavy wall 2" steel tubing and plate with UHMW plastic rollers supported by heavy duty bearings and side adjustable UHMW guide bumpers. These stackable rollers are easily loaded and unloaded by only one person. Roller placement is recommended from 20 to 70 feet apart, depending on pipe specifications. The unique low ground profile minimizes pipeline rollover. $465 each Ask about rental availability.
Large pipe rollers are now available with a two week build time.  Rentals will soon be available

Large pipe rollers

Large roller description

rollers 2" - 48" stackable with handles and made with UHMW plastic to keep the product from getting scratched. $1200 Each ask about Rental availibity roller video.MOV.flv